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Iedere 1e zo van de maand


Each first SUNDAY of the month
The longest running Naked SEX Party in Hamburg starts 6pm until about 10pm, but no need to leave, you can stay the way you are, Naked!
Entry time is from 6pm until 8pm.
Packed with loads of horny horse hung men this is the place and the time to spend the early Sunday evening and unload your balls, one to one, orgy, or Gang Band, every kind of unhibited sex varieties are provided in a very relaxed and homecoming atmosphere.
So join in and feel safe and warm throughout the night.

Entry only from:
06 pm to 08 pm
DRESSCODE: just naked

From 10pm on the club opens for all kinds of men to join in the crowd and be part of it!
Just join in, meet friends or cruise around for the love of the night, open end.
No minimum charge!

10 pm - open end

Wanneer: Iedere 1e zo van de maand
Tijd: 18:00 - 20:00 uur  
Leeftijd: 18 jaar  

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